The titles and synopses of episodes 65 and 66 have finally leaked out. These are non-official, and they don’t seem to be spoilers from any prestigious magazine such as NewType. Still, this information does come from another Japanese magazine that has already given truthful information about the series. We believe that these titles and synopses are true, but we still remark that they are non-official, so be warned.


Having said this, let’s check the translations:

Episode 65:

Title: Final judgement? The absolute power of the Supreme God!

Synopsis: Goku and the rest of the warriors launch barrages at the enemy, but their attacks vanish?!

Episode 66:

Title: Success! The miraculous power of the persistent Warriors!

Synopsis: After risking his life with a devastating attack, Goku manages to destroy Zamasu’s power ring.

Then, something odd happens…


As we can see, there is no mention of Vegito so far, yet on episode 267 of Dragon Ball Z there was also a mention about some sort of miracle. Could this be a hint at Goku and Vegeta’s fusion? Let’s remember that the famous episode had the presence of Vegito, at Majin Buu’s saga. The truth is that we can’t really rely on Akira Toriyama pleasing us with the presence of Vegito one more time. We were expecting some new villain at the end of Champa’s saga at the Tournament of the 6th and 7th Universes, but instead we had Zeno.

The truth is that Goku will risk his life to neutralize Zamasu’s evil technique.

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We believe that episode 66’s synopsis may also be making reference to the separation of the fusion between Black and Zamasu. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been saying that we believe that Zamasu will be sealed with the Ma-fuu-ba, but Black will manage to escape somehow. Yet, nothing is official about this, and all that is left for us is to wait for the next episodes so we can clear our doubts. Now, there's a new clue that is making the viewers very curious about what will happen next. What is this new miraculous power of the persistent warriors? Could this be some sort of combined attack between Goku, Vegeta and Trunks?