Next saga of 'Dragon Ball Super'

In the last chapters of the saga of Trunks and Black, there will be new characters in the next saga of "Dragon Ball Super." In the image that is on the cover you can see a god, exactly the god of universe 5. This god has a dragon-like appearance with white hair, a blue body, red eyes, and armor that looks like silver but with the color yellow. On the shoulder pads you can see a purple color and you can also see that it has shine.

In the next saga as well we already know (thanks to the videos and synopsis that we have read), the next tournament will premiere, but will not be made by the destroying god Champa-Sama and Bills-Sama, it will be created by the god of destruction and creator gods Zeno-chan.


The omnipotent Zeno-Sama or Zeno-Chan as some call it created this tournament for fun, but it will certainly be interesting to see this tournament in action in the upcoming saga of the series, following the conclusion of the Trunks saga.

Then in other episodes we could see where Zeno-chan was sent to look for Goku to ask him to please be his friend. The next destroyer god (the god that we saw in the picture), will participate on the side of Goku's team and will be there to see the fusion made by King Vegeta and Son Goku, the most forged Saiyan.

We must keep in mind that the gods have unlimited power, but let's not rule out that Goku and Vegeta are about to reach that power since they are training to overcome those powers and the limits of the gods. The fusion of Vegeta and Goku would form a god but it is not known if that god will be a creator or destroyer. What god would it be if it is neither destructive nor creative? That we have to see.

Additional Information

The creator and destroyer gods assumed that role thanks to the omnipotent god Zeno-Chan, which means that the gods' enemies also assumed this role by himself and Zeno knows it.


Why did he not intervene in the battle of Zamasu?

The episodes 66 and 69 will be the best in the saga of Trunks, which are coming soon!