After seeing what happened in chapter 64 with the Mafuba technique, many have discarded this powerful technique altogether. However, this technique still remains one of the main ways to stop the principal enemies of this series of "Dragon Ball Super," which is getting close to its end. While Black and Zamasu remain the most formidable opponents of the entire series, being a potential threat to the planet Earth and its inhabitants. And you wonder: how is it possible that this technique is the option to destroy merged Zamasu if the jar was broken by the villain? Next, we will show you a couple of options that the Saiyans will have to stop their fearsome enemy, and the reason why the Mafuba remains an option. 

Why is the Mafuba an option? 

Well, this is easy to answer.


First, remember that both Gowasu as the Kaioshin who is watching the fight, can travel in time. This Kaioshin can go anywhere and arrive in just a moment. On the other hand, Gowasu has a ring of time, which he can use whenever he wants. This means that they can travel to the past and go with Master Roshi, so that he can give them the seal and a jar for a new Mafuba. This is one of the main ways, in which they achieve their goal, which is to be victorious in this fight in the future. However, they have other options. 

The second option they have, is to try to repair the time machine. We can say that it was almost destroyed by an attack of Zamasu, and so far has not been shown in any part of the series that it has been fixed.

A third option

On the other hand, there is another way to stop the threat of these evil villains, which would be that Goku having no other alternative, calls Zeno Sama, with the button that Zeno handed him in the previous chapters of the series. For the moment we must wait for the broadcast of the upcoming episode. However, we can be sure that one of these options will save the Saiyans. Next, we will show you the progress of chapter 65, with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned.