Undoubtedly, after the premiere of the latest episodes of the series ("Dragon Ball Super"), it has become clear that the end of the saga of Future Trunks, is coming. However, despite knowing that soon we would be witnessing this epic finale, so far we have no accurate idea of how the saga will end. Undoubtedly, the plot of the evil villains (Black and Zamasu), has surprised all fans of the series. In the recent chapters, we have seen the amazing fusion of these villains, which has caused all kinds of chaos for the Z warriors, which belong to the Saiyan race.


Just a few minutes ago, a Japanese press has leaked revealing information about the way that the series will end. Next, we will be sharing all of this detailed information, including the synopsis of the upcoming chapters, according to this source.

Synopsiof the end of the saga 

Finally, Goku and Vegeta, can manage to merge, resulting in the expected return of Veggeto, who, after the merger, achieves a powerful transformation known as Super Saiyan Blue. However, when facing the formidable and powerful fusion of villains (Zamasu), the Z warriors are relentlessly humiliated one more time by the power of Zamasu.

Undoubtedly, this final battle between the Z warriors, and the fearsome villains of the series, becomes one of the most ferocious fights in the history of the series. Meanwhile, suddenly, Goku decides to attack the villains with a new technique never seen before in the series, leading to the destruction of the merger of the antagonists. Gowasu goes back to the future to get the seal of the Mafuba, to lock Zamasu.   

The epic end of the saga 

After having defeated the villains, Goku and Vegeta, are united, so Goku decides to push the button that had given him his friend (Zeno Chan).

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Zeno responds the call of the Z warrior, and returns to separate the Saiyans. Finally, after the separation of the two bodies, the Saiyans return back to the future of Trunks with the Dragon Balls, and revive all humans who had been killed by Black. With this, they restore peace on planet earth.