A few hours ago, it was confirmed -- the possible arrival of a new powerful God of the universe 10 and 11, which has not been physically revealed, after that many followers left their comments in chapter 64 of the series "Dragon Ball Super." At the beginning, many have talked that the father of Goku could appear for the first time, after the new opening of the universal martial arts tournament, in which God Zeno-Chan would be responsible for making a debut with the best fighters in each universe and some special guests from the planet Earth. Next, we will be talking about these new universal Gods, which, according to Shonen Jump Magazine, will be arriving soon.


Is Bardock the new universal God who is arriving?

Although many think that Bardock, the father of the Saiyan (Goku), might appear in fighting, the truth is that he will not appear in this form, but rather is remembered by the supreme Gods as a great warrior in the universe.  Leaving many frustrated, but certainly seeing from the holy crosier as this warrior could defeat many of the Frieza's squad. According to Shonen Jump Magazine, more universal Gods will be arriving, and that there is one who has a power never seen before. However, the source didn’t give more information about the name of this new universal God, nor the other Gods names. So for now, we have to wait and see.

Additional information

New revelations can clarify that the best series of all-time is the androids, which was mentioned by designer Toyotaro, which also states that in the saga of the return of Trunks, a character will appear that many have never seen, to be a mentor Saiyan, to reach the new phase of the blue God. As is known, in the new saga of Trunks, there have been events that are caused in two lines of time between the present and the alternative future. However, there is no way to be confused because the events follow the same chronology since the arrival of the villain (Cell), until the debut of the golden phase of the emperor Frieza.


Next, we will show you the progress of chapter 65, with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned.