Just after Trunks finishes with Zamasu’s body, we will surely see the arrival of Zeno to the future world and with this the solution to everything that has happened. With this we are trying to say that even though Zamasu lost his body to Trunks' attack, he is still immortal, so it will probably be up to Zeno to deal with the villain, whether it be by destroying or the sealing this shadow that has become of the enemy. This is what we will probably see in the next episode of the series.

Next we will show you a provisory title of the episode, along with its synopsis and an image.


Episode 68: Shenron Appears. What Is Your Wish?

Synopsis: The Dragon Balls are gathered once more, and wishes that are related to Kai, Master Roshi and Android 18 are made.

Source: Japanese forum 2ch.

Judging by the image and this information we’ve given to you, Shenron will be summoned in the present time and Trunks will be the one in charge of speaking to the dragon. It seems that finally the wish of bringing Kai back to life will be made. Let’s remember that he’s been dead since Goku used the instant transmission on Cell, teleporting them both to Kai’s planet just before the villain exploded.

From that very moment his planet was reconstructed, but he remained dead, along with his helper pets.

Of course, this won’t change things much since Kai lives in the other world, but it’s more like a “favor” to his pride, since the shame of being the only Kai dead is too much to wear for him. The second wish we expect to be some kind of gag made by Master Roshi. After this episode we expect the beginning of the filler episodes that will serve as an introduction for the storyline of the next saga that will be presented by Toriyama in late December.

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With any luck, we will have some details regarding the upcoming saga, and perhaps some information about any new characters. Now let’s consider what Toyotaro said in an interview some time back, that soon the manga will be ahead of the anime. So far, the Trunks saga has not yet ended on paper, and is quite behind the anime, so we can expect a long fill-up saga unless a special edition of the manga with a large tome is released to catch up with the anime. So far we know that on December the 2nd is a special edition for the manga, but judging by what its cover page shows, it seems that it will be based on content that has already been published, and not about anything new.