Finally, the NewType magazine’s monthly summaries have been released with the new titles and synopsis of the series. Actually, the information about the very next episodes is being kept strictly in the dark, and there is little to no data at all. Still, the Japanese magazine has published a spoiler of episode 67, and we will tell you all we know about it.

Let’s see all that is known so far:

Episode 66: Synopsis: Similar to the Shonen Jump magazine, but with a new detail; seeing the obvious situation of disadvantage, Goku makes a suggestion to Vegeta.


Episode 67: According to the magazine (that presented a scan), the spoiler is “Goodbye Trunks”

Episodes 68 and 69: no information about titles or synopsis.

Obviously, Toei Animation and Fuji-Tv are keeping all the information about how this Trunks saga will end in the strictest secrecy, but we can still analyze some details. First of all, Vegito’s appearance seems to be a consequence of an idea from Goku, and not from Vegeta as we initially thought (unfortunately), still, it was not completely far-fetched, since we all know that Vegeta is too proud to make such a proposal.

We can even expect Goku to be the one that asks the Supreme Kai from Universe 7 for his pothala earrings. Still, the most interesting fact is that of episode 67, which involves Trunks. Will he die? Will the saga end on that episode? Will Trunks travel back through time to search for the Ma-fuu-ba’s seal? We believe that the phrase makes reference to this last option, but nothing is certain. Besides, the scan provided by the magazine seems to be unofficial. What is official is that the series will have no interruptions until episode 69 (December).

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We have no data about the strange transformation or deformity on Zamasu’s body, nor about Vegito’s power, or if Zeno will ever again show up in this saga (since his last appearance was when he summoned Goku). There are still many loose ends, in fact we don’t even know how the warriors return to the past (with the time machine or with Gowasu’s ring).

We expect that the battle between Zamasu and Vegito should last a few more episodes at least, and that in the meantime Trunks will go and look for the Ma-fuu-ba’s seal.