The “REEDIT” forum is offering us a discussion topic in which the supposed new titles of episodes 68, 69 and 70 of #Dragon Ball Super are shown. There is no synopsis for the episodes at the moment, but the titles can clearly tell us what is going to happen, remember that this are not the official titles but the “REEDIT” community has bought us always correct translations of them.

The Episodes

We begin with episode number 68, it is called “Let’s go back home, the return of the warriors who saved the future.”

As we predicted, we will watch the death of Zamasu in episode 67 that is airing this Saturday, and then, in episode 68, our heroes Goku and Vegeta will return to the present, saying good bye to Trunks forever, because in a previous episode, Vegeta told him not to ask for their help anymore, so this may be the last time we see future Trunks in the canonic #Dragon Ball Saga.


November 27th

The title of episode 69 will be “A new threat, universe 6 Saiyan vs Universe 12 Warrior.

This is very obvious, Kyabe, the saiyan that Vegeta defeated in Champa’s tournament may be in danger because of a new enemy from universe 12. We currently don’t have any idea about who is that mysterious warrior, but we have some hypothesis, the first of them is that it is a God or Kaioshin, because they are the only ones that have the power of traveling through universes. The other hypothesis may be that the population of universe 12 discovered a way to travel through universes, as they have already discovered the way to travel across time.

This episode will air on December the 4th. Episode’s 70 title will be “Let’s go to universe 6, Kyabe is in great danger.”

Our heroes will travel to universe 6 to help Kyabe, because he is not that strong, even though he can transform into super Saiyan and also, he was one of the chosen warriors to fight in Champa’s tournament.

There are two chances about this mysterious warrior: the first of them is that Goku or Vegeta will defeat him. The other one is that the new enemy is so powerful that Goku and Vegeta won’t be able to defeat him, and here are two new chances, the first of them is that they will fusion into Vegetto and the other one is that Hiit appearing again to help the Saiyans.

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Is this new enemy starting a new saga?

If we make a little review of Toriyama’s sagas, they are done in this way:

  • Main Saga
  • Mini Saga
  • Main Saga
  • Mini Saga

For example, in #Dragon Ball Z, we had a mini saga about the saiyans, then the Freezer Saga, then the mini androids saga, then the Cell Saga, the mini Sayaman Saga and then the Majin Boo saga, so we think this is not going to be a main emeny.

But your opinion is very important; write it down in the comment section.

Do you think this is going to be an important enemy?