Finally, the saga of future Trunks had its conclusion. Many expected a more enduring fight between the merger of Zamasu and Vegito, including an inclusion of the Mafuba at some point at the end of the series. None of that happened; it is even possible that everything referred to Mafuba is in reference to filler episodes by Toei Animation and not in the original manga of the series. Although it was said that the Mafuba was going to be decisive, it only served so that Zamasu and Black have no alternative but to merge and that Zamasu was somewhat weak and did not want to take a chance.


After all this, the hero of the saga was Trunks, who saved for a moment his world, after the destruction of the body of Zamasu, thanks to his powerful sword, and the power of all humans on earth, including the great power of Goku and Vegeta.

The new record in audience reached by this saga

The end of this saga has not made the fans happy, especially for those that wanted to see an extended, longer fight. Something similar happened in the saga of Universe 6 and 7, where everyone expected a final fight against Hit to the death. However, even so, this saga of "Dragon Ball Super," has managed to reach a new record in audience.

Let's see below the rating of each saga and the accompanying numbers:

  • Sazae (12,8%).
  • Crayon S (9,1%).
  • Chibi M (8,8%).
  • Detective Conan (8,6%).
  • Doraemon (7,6%).
  • One Piece (7,1%).
  • Dragon Ball Super (6,7%).
  • Time B (4,9%).
  • Pokemon Moon and Sun (4%).
  • Yokai W (4,3%).

Record reached by each saga

This is the best result in 3 months and one of the best results of the entire saga of Trunks of the future. If we start counting and averaging each saga and its audience, we would have the following result:

1. Future Trunks Saga (6.27%).

Top Videos of the Day

2. Champa's Tournament (6%).

3. Battle of Gods (5.89%).

4. Golden Freezer Saga (5.61%).

So far, the last saga, has been the most successful, followed by the previous saga. Then, there is the first saga of the series and Freezer (the second), with the worst average audience. Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming saga, with some leaked information about it. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the next saga.