Barely a few hours ago, the Animedia magazine published an interview where some details about this Trunks saga's ending were revealed. In this note we will show you the answers to some of the questions given to Kido Mutsumi, one of the producers of the Japanese series.

A piece of the interview:

First, Animedia asked the producer which warrior was the strongest of all, since Goku and the others traveled through time with the time machine. To this Kido answered that without mentioning the God of destruction (Beerus), he believed that Black Goku was the strongest of all.


It is an interesting character that consists on Goku's body and power, with the mind and spirit of a Supreme Kai, and this allowed the warrior to develop an interesting evolution.

Then the crew of Animedia asked the produced if he believed that this combination of power from the most powerful Saiyan, and an immortal Supren Kai served to create a character that is truly invincible, such as Zamasu's fusion. To this Kido answered that inside this world, Zamasu's fusion is a cheat character. With the biggest power of all (speaking for Goku), he would defeat any enemies one after another, and with the immortality he is immune to any attack.

Besides, he develops his own techniques. If he is to have one weakness, it would be being by himself again, as in the beginning.

Lastly, he was asked about the contradiction of Zamasu's thought, since he needs to use a mortal body such as Goku's in order to achieve his 0 mortals scheme, and if this contradictory behavior could be the fusion's weakness. Could Black Goku's side be the opportunity for the Z-Warriors to achieve victory over this terrifying foe?.

To this Kido answered that Goku and Vegeta will merge themselves into Vegito to fight Zamasu's fusion, but Trunks' role in this battle will be highlighted. He will do something vital for winning this fight, and that all fans should be paying attention to him.

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In conclusion:

Basically, the producer says that among all the warriors, Black Goku is the strongest (not to mention Beerus, of course), yet he says nothing about Vegito who in fact is another kind of warrior, or about Zamasu's fusion. We believe that he does not count the fusioned warriors power in his ranking. On another subject, we understand that Zamasu's weakness is being separated from Black, and standing alone again. Obviously, the double personalities game is taking a toll, and this may be the reason for the body alterations that we saw in episode 66's preview.

And to close this interview, the producer reveals that Trunks will be the key to end this battle. This allows us to think that it will be Trunks who ultimately defeats/seals Zamasu, and/or his fusion.