Finally the synopsis of episode 67 that is about to come out in the next release of the Shonen Jump magazine, has leaked. It seems that this time we will have many spoilers about how this saga will end.

Let’s take a look

Episode 67’s title: A New Hope In The Heart! Goodbye Trunks!

Subtitle: Can the future be saved by Trunks? The final battle against Zamasu!

Synopsis: Trunks is rewarded after fulfilling his wish of transforming mankind's strength into a tool to fight against Zamasu! Still, the enemy is not yet defeated and his body begins to cover the skies!

Goku this week finds a way to defeat the villain.


Zamasu, who lost his body after Trunks' attack, spreading his essence through the skies, covering Goku and the others with his shadow, but when everything seems lost, Goku finds something in his pocket.

Basically we’ve seen how Vegito’s fusion separated but also we’ve seen Zamasu losing his body to the power of Trunks. Will he also lose his immortality? So far, there is no mention of the Ma-fuu-ba, but Goku finds something in his pocket. What could this item be? Is it the communicator Zeno gave him when he summoned Goku? Is it a capsule with a new jar or a seal for the Ma-fuu-ba?

On the other hand, what does “Goodbye Trunks” mean? Is he or someone else going to die? It’s possible that maybe Mai or any of the members of the resistance, who gave Trunks the so needed energy to attack Zamasu and destroy his body, dies.

Still, we believe that in truth what the phrase refers to is that the Z-Warriors will finally leave Trunks’ world once the battle is finally over. Perhaps we will see a moving scene between Trunks, Vegeta and Bulma before they depart to their proper timeline.

Sadly we will not be seeing Vegito for quite some time now, but maybe in a future saga we will see him with a more relevant role.

In conclusion:

The saga’s been having outstanding sequences and impressive rhythm changes. Yet so far we don’t know what happened with Gowasu or the Supreme Kai from Universe 7, since they weren’t mentioned in any synopsis.


It seems that Goku will be the star of the episode unless Trunks shines again, after all, and as one of the producers of the series said in a recent interview, Trunks will have a chance to show his value. Perhaps he already did when he destroyed Zamasu’s body, or maybe he will surprise us once more.

The saga is ending and probably episode 68 will be its last, with the Z-Warriors finally returning home.