As you know, for months we have been reporting on the series of "Dragon Ball Super," (actually more than a year in different ways, with different profiles). First of all, we want to emphasize that each bit of information that we say is official. For example, all cuts or scans of the magazine Shonen Jump, V-Jump, etc. On the other hand, the information offered and published from Toei Animation or Fuji-TV, is also an official of the franchise and our job is to translate from the original Japanese to English, in order for all fans to have access to that information.


In case of unofficial but reliable sources, we have the Japanese press clippings about titles and synopsis of episodes, published by the magazine Newtype. On the other hand, any theory, rumor or speculation that we present, will also be marked in that category, without being confused with the official information. Having said this, let's turn to the Shonen Jump magazine cuts, for next week. 

Episode 66: Title: The Final Battle! The Miraculous Power of the Warriors Who Will Not Be Beaten! 

Synopsis Part 1  

Goku and Vegeta are inferior.

What is their plan to deal with the merger of Zamasu? Goku and Vegeta face the overwhelming force of the merger of Zamasu. To address this threat, they have a new plan. The source of these cuts, is the site mentioned in the scan. However, we have confirmed the scan by other means and it is true. This plan of Goku and Vegeta, should be the fusion. Trunks is not mentioned at any time, and the title of the chapter makes reference to the miraculous power of the warriors.

Additional information 

Now, if only appointing Goku and Vegeta, and appointing a miraculous power of the warriors, it should be in the presence of the arrival of Vegito in episode 66.

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This is a hypothesis as seen in the official synopsis. Next, we will show you the progress of chapter 66, with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapter.