The series is a sequel to the show "Dragon Ball Manga" and the new storyline is set after the defeat of Majin Boo which has brought peace back to earth.

Immortal Zamasu is still not finished.

The central character Son Goku and his family now live a peaceful life as farmers, but the threats return. Episode 67 showed the defeat of immortal Zamasu. Trunk sliced the body of Zamaasu in two, but he is still not over.

The sky got covered with dark clouds with Zamasu’s faces after he was sliced. Goku and Saiyan changed into Super Saiyan forms and got charged with Vegeta. Clouds fire up a powerful blast that wipes the future timeline, but Zamassu’s clouds are visible from the present timeline.

Kids trunks, Beerus and all other in capsule corporation are able to notice that something was wrong in the present world.


Future Zeno and Goku save the wrecking future timeline

When the clouds clear Trunk’s are found to be only survivors in the future earth. Goku refuses to give up and searches for senzu beans but happens to reach the Zeno button and Zeno appears from future timeline but has never met Goku.

Zeno says future timeline is wrecking and finds Zamasu’s face annoying. Zeno requests Goku to help wipe out Zamasu’s clouds.Both run into a time machine and return to present line safely with everyone else. Future Mai meets its past self and Trunkes.

Whis plans an alternate timeline

Goku returns to the future line with Trunks and look for Omni-King and ask Koishin if they could come to the Zen palace.

The same night in capsule corporation Whis who is the son of the great priest thinks about creating an alternate timeline to help Trunks and Mai to return to their timeline.

The plans include the return of Trunks and destroy Zamasu in a Mafabu way. Mai and trunks will have a duplicate self and Mai will live with her love again.

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Gowasu will return to universe ten, and Trunks Mai Gohan and Piccolo also say goodbye.

Nest episode will be equally adventurous as Goku looks for the DWS and is set to revive Kiao.