Surprising, the long awaited 68th chapter of the iconic animated series "Dragon Ball Super "has finally been released, and the episode narrates great events in the present of the earth. Bulma tried to gather all the necessary factors for the habilitation of the time machine; however, ended up failing in the attempt.

Everything seems to indicate that the land is stable again because at last the great and powerful villain of history has been defeated. He was known as the supreme god merged with Zamasu.


After its eradication, the Z warriors have returned to live in peace in the present, and in episode 68 we were able to verify the veracity of this note, because although the episode has been completed, it has revealed to us that there is no threat at the moment.

It has been years since Zamasu's defeat

However, has it been a few years since Zamasu's defeat. Usually, in the animated series, after having completed a saga, it is very common that some extra years have passed in the plot of the story, even if it is only a few months to a number of years.

In this context, according to the progress of the 69th chapter, we could clearly see how the little Trunks now are not as small as they used to be, because it shows that their appearance has grown and matured a little more, giving us the impression that they could have been at least one to two years older.

No longer children

If so, there would be no doubt that we would finally see the Goten and Trunks of the late "Dragon Ball Z," who were no longer children - on the contrary, they were already teenagers.

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If they are included for the next episode and the rest of the saga, it is very likely that we will also see Uub, the little boy who was born from the resurrection of Majin Buu, and who is expected to release all the great potential that Trunks possesses.

To finish this note below we leave you with the video of the advance release for this next episode number 69 of "Dragon Ball Super", in which Goku will face the android Arale. Enjoy!