The next episodes of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Just a few hours ago, the titles of the next episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" were revealed that will undoubtedly attract much attention on social media and other relevant platforms, as there are many things to note. With the conclusion of the Future Trunk saga fast approaching, everyone is already excited about the upcoming saga that will hit the airwaves sometime in December.

But this time let's look at the title of an upcoming chapter: "Gohan and Trunks of the Future" is a future episode, and it has been confirmed that this episode will air on December 17th, 2016.

That's right, the mystic warrior will appear again in the story of "Dragon Ball," this time in company of Trunks.


But how will this happen? Will he become a disciple of Whis to reach a level superior to SSJ Blue?

The hidden power

It must be taken into account that since his appearance in the series he was shown as a promising warrior with an extraordinary hidden power, something that was proven during the saga of Cell being the first to reach the level of SSJ2 and overcome all other warriors. In the same way, during the saga of Majin Boo this reaffirmation was reaffirmed since through the supreme elder Kaiosama he reached the mystical mode by expelling all his hidden power by placing him as the strongest warrior in all of history.

At this time, will it be the same? Will the salvation of the twelve universes be in their hands? No doubt that he has the power to beat Black, but if the lack of conviction or the excess of confidence that has been seen in facing Cell and Majin Boo will change this? Not so much.

Or is it that we are about to witness the birth of Gohanks? Remember that some time ago, some scans of V-Jump regarding the game "Dragon Ball Fusions " revealed the character.

Previously Gohan has had appearances in the series facing Freezer and his soldiers, where it was seen that this lack of training only allowed him to reach the level of Super Saiyan, and in "The Battle of the Gods," with the mystical mode, did nothing to face Beerus.


Leaving this aside, his appearances has been of a man dedicated to his family and his studies.