There is no doubt, that one of the biggest disappointments of "Dragon Ball" fans in this new story, is to see Gohan, one of the most beloved characters, totally out of shape and away from the battles. This is a fact, which has marked the fans of this series, in a negative way. However, many are focused, awaiting the launch of the next saga of Akira Toriyama and his personal assistant (Toyatoro).

Gohan’s physical body change

After the premiere of the last episode of "Dragon Ball Super," episode 67, we noticed a physical change in Gohan, that caught the attention of many.


After this physical change, if we analyze the powerful son of Goku, will have a greater protagonist in the next saga, in which his father will be in danger of death. It should be emphasized, that the change we saw in the last chapter, is only physical and we do not notice anything in terms of power, but the physical changes in Gohan, have always been very noticeable, when his power increased or decreased. In addition to that, we saw a Gohan with more musculature and his typical aspect of mystical warrior, being something that we have not seen for a long time -- something that was completely lost in the saga of Freezer.

Gohan’s training

We estimate, that Gohan has resumed his training and may have regained some of his powers, although we doubt that he is close to being what he once was. After this, we can think that from here, until the beginning of the saga of Hit, Gohan has enough time to get in shape and recover that enormous power that he has been known for.

A Japanese source has published a note, which confirms the return of Gohan, in the next series of "Dragon Ball Super," as stated in that note, the warrior will return, stronger.


However, it has clearly said, that even if Gohan regains a mystical status, he will not be a match for Hit, but in turn, he could be a great help in this saga, and could even participate in the tournament of the Universes. Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming chapter of the series, with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapter.