It seems that the fusion of Zamasu and his new technique had become the divas of the entire fandom of "Dragon Ball." It seems that this “Wall of Light” skill consists on some sort of strange symbol at his back that somehow releases beams of energy that destroys anything in their path.

Now, in the highlights of episode 65 shown at the end of episode 64, we were able to see Goku and Vegeta lying on the floor, defeated and unconscious, seemingly overwhelmed by the power of Zamasu’s fusion. Now, it seems that Trunks is the only warrior left capable of fighting.


How will our heroes manage to get out of this complicated situation?

While we wait for the next episode, Fuji-Tv has revealed a small synopsis, which you can see on its website.

Let’s see what it has to offer…

Fuji-Tv’s official synopsis: Zamasu’s fusion irradiates a brilliant and fantastic energy. Because of his superb defensive skills, Goku and the rest of the warriors are unable to attack him, or even get close.

This synopsis clarifies the fact that the Z-Warriors not only can’t attack Zamasu, but they can’t even get close to him, leaving little to no choices for them to defeat the villain.

What we still don’t know is what happened with Bulma. Did she travel back to the present time to look after the seal to finally perform the Ma-fu-baa and definitely seal Zamasu?

On the other hand, for some reason Mai gave Trunks 2 Senzu beans, knowing that one is just enough to fully recover from injuries. Are those for Vegeta and Goku? Will Mai travel with Bulma to the present time, giving Trunks the beans, so that he can hold on?

While all this happens, Yajirobe is watching his world being destroyed little by little by Zamasu’s attacks.


Will he have a heroic moment once more? What roles will Gowasu and Supreme Kai from Universe 7 play while all of this happens? Gowasu promised that he will help in the situation, since he feels responsible for Zamasu’s behavior, yet he hasn’t done much so far. When will he give his pothala earrings to Goku and Vegeta, so that they can fusion themselves?

The next episode

If we are lucky, maybe it can confirm if Vegito will finally appear in the mysterious episode 66 of this fantastic Trunks saga.