Barely a few hours ago, the channel Fuji-Tv that broadcasts the series once per week, published an image of episode 66 on its website. Let’s remember that every week the web publishes an image along with a brief synopsis of the next episode. This time, the synopsis came before the image, but now we finally have both. In one of our previous notes, which you can read in our archive, we’ve already translated the synopsis, but we will re-analyze it along with this new and strange image of Vegito.

Fuji-tv synopsis:

The fierce battle against Zamasu’s fusion continues. Goku, Trunks and Vegeta are heavily injured but refuse to give up. Will these 3 warriors find a way to achieve victory?

Regarding the image, we can see that Vegito is in a strange white place, similar to the hyperbolic chamber of Kami’s temple.


Let’s consider that sometimes the previews of the next episodes may not be completed, or that may contain errors, and this may very well be one of those times. This means that maybe now we see Vegito in a place with a white background, but eventually in the episode we may end up seeing the same image, but with a background of the future cities devastated, as we usually see in the future (with the exception of Black and Zamasu’s hideout, which was in a natural place with mountains).

Yet, so far, Fuji-tv images were always completed, and never showed us an image that was yet to be finished.

It would be something very odd that this time they do something like that with Vegito. Besides, that strange background is not entirely white, since it has a little light blue in it. We believe that there would be no reason for the channel to put an image that has yet to be finished, since they can always use an image from the preview of the past episode. But then the question is: what is this place that we see Vegito in? Is he in another dimension?

If we consider that in the past Vegito was separated in Majin Buu’s stomach, which was considered another dimension, could the same thing happen this time as well? We believe that it would be too much of a rush that Vegito ended up separating in the very same episode he appears, and we do not discard that this place is some kind of dimension created by Zamasu’s fusion to confuse Vegito.


Let’s recall that Black was capable of opening up a rift that could lead to another dimension.