Barely a few hours ago, and as we told you in our previous note (which you can read in our archive), there is a leak of the episode 67 title which is “Goodbye Trunks." What does this mean? What is the Japanese expression for these words? We will share with you all the information about this on this note.


First of all, the expression doesn’t have a negative meaning, but it’s more like an informal farewell. For example, in some countries it may mean something like “See you later, Trunks” instead of “Farewell." Yet this doesn’t necessary mean something positive either.


Even though it doesn’t seem like saying farewell in a tragic meaning as if he was going to die, it could very well mean the death of another character. With this what we are trying to say is that maybe someone close to Trunks (maybe Mai or even Vegito) will sacrifice himself, and so these are his last words. Would you imagine the next saga without Goku or Vegeta? It would be very tragic if some of our beloved characters die. Yet the expression is very similar to that time in which Vegeta said goodbye to kid Trunks and asked him to look after Bulma, just before he sacrificed himself, in Majin Buu’s saga.

We believe that the most probable thing is that the Z-Warriors are waving goodbye just after defeating Zamasu, meaning that they will return to their proper timeline, leaving Trunks in his world. Let’s consider that its been 20 episodes of this saga (counting ‘till 67) being the longest so far. It wouldn’t be strange that this saga ends with this episode, since we are having a new one in December. We could expect that until then, some fill-up episodes may be released.

Our conclusion:

We believe that this saga still has a few more episodes to go, and that maybe this farewell means that maybe Trunks or any other character will travel back through time to look after the seal for the Ma-fuu-ba.

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We didn’t see Trunks in the preview of episode 66, so it is a possibility that Vegeta and Bulma’s son will travel through time to find this essential item. In any case, there is nothing left for us but to wait for episode 67 and see what happens. What we do know is that we will have no interruptions until episode 69.