Finally, Zamasu’s fusion saw the light. Episode 64 showed us how the villain struggled while and after being sealed in the jar by a Ma-fuu-ba performed by Trunks. We think that this was quite incoherent since Goku needed at least a night at Master Roshi’s house to practice it, but Trunks seemed able to perform it after just watching a video of Piccolo performing it step by step, not to mention that it is a deadly technique, but Trunks was barely tired.

Zamasu was able to escape, since they did not have any inscripted paper or talisman, and were unable to complete the seal.


Now the villain showed an obvious concern about his position in this battle, and for the first time in the series he was shown frightened. It seems that it wasn’t wise to underestimate the humans, since his immortality wouldn’t prevent him from being defeated if not focused in the fight.

Now, Shonen Jump magazine will release this week a synopsis of episode 65, explaining what will happen next.

Episode 65: Final Judgement. The Full Power of the Supreme God

Black, Goku and Zamasu used the pothala earrings to fusión themselves, giving as a result an immortal body with formidable combat power.

But what is really terrifying is his new technique, the “Wall of Light” which can eliminate anything it touches. This week, Trunks brings the battle to the fusión of Zamasu, to protect the inhabitants of the West Capital. He will show his resolve to face the villain, after receiving two Senzu beans from Mai.

Trunks as the main character

As we can see, it seems that Trunks will be the great character of the episode. It seems that he will face the villain no matter how low the chances of success are.


It also seems that in episode 65, both Vegeta and Goku will be defeated, and will lie on the floor while Zamasu deploys his terrifying technique against the Earth. What will Trunks do to defend his world? Mai gave him some Senzu beans, so it seems he is ready for a beating. But what happened with Bulma, since she is not mentioned? Will she travel back through time and look for the inscripted paper at Roshi’s house? Will her intervention in finding the seal for the jar be the hope of the Z-Warriors in this gruesome battle?