Latest episode involved Goku and Vegeta facing off against Zamasu and Goku Black’s potarra fusion

Zamasu and Black’s fusion resulted in a god-like figure bearing closer resemblance to Zamasu than Black. The character, with his light-emanating halo transfixed onto its back, went off on an apocalyptic rant before proceeding to destroy the Saiyans. As Goku and Vegeta fought back against Zamasu’s new form, which we’ll call “God Zamasu," Future Trunks would later join the fight, again fighting on par (or close to) with God Zamasu. The episode would conclude with a scene that many fans were expecting but were quite annoyed about—at least in regard to delivery.


That said, here are three “what the hay?” moments in "DBS" episode 65. 

1. God Zamasu’s “Susanoo-like” ability

Looking like something out of a “Naruto” episode, we saw God Zamasu don a purple avatar that fired devastating beams at the Saiyan fighters. “Dragon Ball” has never been exceptionally creative about attacks, and it’s not to say that God Zamasu’s power is bad—it’s just strange.

2. Future Trunks forgetting about having senzu beans

After Goku and Vegeta were defeated by God Zamasu, we saw Future Trunks writhe in despair after witnessing his father’s downfall.

The Future fighter proceeded to scream a vow of vengeance towards God Zamasu. Meanwhile, fans are screaming “senzu bean!” The whole scene further supported the notion that although “DBS” writers are on to something with the plot, the writing is still very bad and clumsy.

3. Future Trunks continuous random increase in strength

With every episode that passes that includes a Future Trunks fight, Super Saiyan Blue’s level of respectability drops. Why? The transformation is supposed to be the strongest level of achievement possible for a Saiyan.


It rivers God-chi through the veins of Goku and Vegeta, and at that point, they should only be rivaled by the gods. Yet, every episode, we see Future Trunks undermine them with his Super Saiyan form, raging to levels that allow him to fight against both Goku Black and Zamasu, and their fusion.

4. Vegito’s appearance in the spoiler for the next episode

This was perhaps the most “what the hay?” moment in “DBS” episode 65. In the spoiler, we saw Super Saiyan Blue Vegito fighting against God Zamasu, with no explanation whatsoever as to how they reached the level. Lazy planning for the spoiler? It looks like it.

What did you guys think of the latest episode of “DBS"?