"Dragon Ball Super" episode 68 has already been released, in which we will see a handful of filler episodes after the intense battle against Zamasu. Having finished this last chapter, we look at chapter 69 that will feature one of the most nostalgic characters in Dragon Ball, Arale. Maybe many do not know some of the things that make Arale so interesting, and that is why here we will show you some interesting facts about this strange but funny character.

Facts about Arale

1) Arale, is a robot in its totality, unlike the androids that we saw of Dr. Maki Gero, that possess robotic parts.


Because of this, Arale does not age and maintains the same girlish appearance that it had when meeting Goku, while Goku was still a child.

2) Although the appearance says the opposite, Arale possesses an incredible strength, even able to rival and/or defeat Goku while transformed into Ozaru, as seen in the remake of Dr. Slump. In addition, it is known that in the saga of the demon king Picollo, Arale surpassed the powers of Goku and it is estimated that also the Namekian.

3) While it is an android or a robot, it can be said that it possesses a pure soul and no dark thoughts, since it has been able to use the flying cloud.

4) Arale appeared in all the canonical sagas of "Dragon Ball," whether we are talking about the classic Dragon Ball (in which you had more participation) Z, and now, "Dragon Ball Super."

5) The name "Arale" is a play on words with "Arare," a mixed rice cookie.

The strength of Arale

You see, Arale had some rather interesting curiosities that perhaps many of you did not know. Certainly, it is a rather interesting character due to its strength which will rival Goku in the next episode, which will commemorate the 35 years of Dragon Ball and Dr.


Slump, and will continue with the saga of fill while we wait for the next saga to begin, in which we will see Hit and his assassination of Goku.

We leave with the advance of the next episode of the series, where we will see the battle of the android Arale against the saiyajin Goku, this episode will be released on Saturday, November 3rd.