If you ever dreamed of seeing a collection of all of the deaths in the series, thanks to the great job of a Japanese user, an absolutely amazing compilation of the most gut-wrenching and shocking deaths in the entire series ("Dragon Ball"), and for sure, you will be surprised. Among the highlights, we have the deaths of Krillin and Piccolo, who were the Z warriors. We have to keep in mind, that the realization of this video, also has the support of a group of American fans, with the dubbing in English, also a way to discover other over-dubs.


Let's see and enjoy the video below:

The video 

As we can see, the video begins by showing "Dragon Ball" and the mythical deaths of the red patrol at the hands of Goku. We also see as the great Piccolo Daimaku dies, the first great villain of the series. Then, we go ahead with "Dragon Ball Z," where deaths are no less dramatic than in "Dragon Ball," including the highlights of the first death of Goku, the first death of Vegeta, along with the surprising deaths of Namekusein and Piccolo. But entering the saga of the Androids and Cell, we see many deaths of civilians, something that will be repeated with the final attack of Majin Buu, that meant the end of the human race, and its extermination. 

Other epic deaths

Other highlights of the deaths in this saga have been related directly with Vegeta, who sacrificed his loved ones.

Even Vegeta himself being possessed by Babidi, killed thousands of people in the martial arts tournament. However, one of the most epic moments in the series was the last death in "Dragon Ball Z," we refer to Kid Buu, the last great villain. On the other hand the video also takes into account movies and the series "Dragon Ball GT."

Additional information 

Finally, we could add the video, including highlights of Piccolo (which did not happen in the movie or manga), Captain Ginyu at the hands of Vegeta (with the body of Tagoma), the Golden Freezer, Bulma's future, Gowasu (the original timeline), and Milk and Goten (the original timeline).

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