Obesity fighter and TV health guru Dr. Oz shared a new weight loss system and this miracle diet is so crazy-easy you'll wonder why you didn't think of it before. It's called bowling and features Total 10 Diet protein superfood bowls to cut carbs and calories but also hunger and cravings. A recent episode of "The Dr. Oz Show" explored the magic behind food bowls, plus three power bowl recipes. Are you hungry for more?

Dr. Oz touts bowling for weight loss

So bowling with a ball may be good exercise (if you can avoid the munchies and beer), but that's not the kind the good doc is talking about.

He's talking about serving food in bowls instead of on bread, or other starchy carbs. Basically, you take apart your wraps, sandwiches, etc., and eat the filling in a bowl. Instead of plating stir-fry on a bed of rice, for example, you bowl it on a lettuce bed. You substitute the wrap or bun for breadless gluten-free food bowls. You make food swaps away from side orders of French fries, potatoes, toast in favor of protein and vegetable-dense meals.

Dr. Oz's Total 10 Diet adds protein, outs junk carbs

Food bowls are part of "The Dr. Oz Show" Total 10 Diet with ketogenic food swaps to avoid dairy (except Greek yogurt), artificial sweetener, wheat, white sugar, alcohol and processed foods. Recipes are full of protein and low-starch vegetables. Carbs come from low starch vegetables. Protein sources are nuts, seeds, beans, fish and lean meat. Better grains provide the complex carbohydrates.

The fat-burning foods increase metabolism, prevent diabetes and pre-diabetes (insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome). Rich in fatty acids, these foods boost healthy brown fat and cut white adipose tissue.

Dr. Oz recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

There are tons of ketogenic recipes for fat burning power bowls to curb cravings and control hunger. Breakfast bowls feature puffed rice and Greek yogurt with fat-burning blueberries, dragonberries and strawberries.

Salad for breakfast? Sure, when you pair it with cooked eggs and lean turkey sausage. For lunch and dinner, fill bowls with green leafy and cruciferous veggies and top with lean steak, grilled chicken, cod or pollock. Add lentils, quinoa, sesame and pumpkin seeds and edamame. Cube squash and season with cumin, oregano and pepper. Serve with feta cheese. tomatoes, lettuce, onions and brown rice.

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