"The Walking Dead" has offered up all sorts of zombies through their 7 seasons. Some have their guts ripped out while others are missing half their face or their arms and legs. Now folks across social media sites believe that a Donald Trump zombie was thrown into the mix!

That would be the zombie seen last week with an orange hue in its face and a massive head of orange hair resembling a toupee. This Donald Trump look-alike zombie was seen last week when Dwight came across the decomposing zombies strewn about the highway.

Is that supposed to look like Donald Trump?

According to Konbini, the Donald Trump look-alike zombie was seen in "The Walking Dead" scene where Dwight happens upon a strange scene. He is out searching for a guy who escaped the Saviors' compound on his motorcycle when he came across a group of incapacitated zombies. One of the zombies falls from the overpass above and wipes out his bike while sending Dwight to the ground on top of this group of creepy crawling zombies.

'Chubby walker' with orange hair

It is within that group that a "chubby walker" is seen on the ground and missing a leg. This zombie has a look on his face that resembles one of Donald Trump's treasure trove of facial grimaces and expressions that he used while on the campaign trail.

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Donald Trump

Trump moving into the White House has celebrities threatening to make Hollywood a ghost town with all the promises of moving to Canada. So a "Walking Dead" Donald Trump zombie isn't that far-fetched, or is it?

Would "The Walking Dead" creators really use a Donald Trump look-alike zombie on purpose? They once used Johnny Depp's face for a "gory cameo," reports Konbini. This is just a festering theory bubbling up on social media today, but the folks at AMC who air "The Walking Dead" have put the conspiracy theory to rest.

Looks are deceiving

While there may be a slight resemblance to the nation's 45th president, it is just a coincidence and nothing more. There's no Donald Trump reference going on with "The Walking Dead" zombie that resembles the president elect, according to the Huffington Post.

Donald Trump and "The Walking Dead" show do have one thing in common, they never stop surprising us with what is said and done! Trump and the show are the polar opposite when it comes to dark and gloomy days vs. days of change and hope. Trump is seen as a ray of light by his supporters and the viewers of "The Walking Dead" have seen enough gloom and doom to last a lifetime! Maybe they can use a real-life Trump to pull them out of their darkness?

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