Last year, Dolly Parton’s film entitled “The Coat of Many Colors” premiered and had so many talking about the story. The movie is based on the motivating true story about the life of the remarkable Dolly Parton. The entire movie takes place within the unique Parton family as they struggle with everyday life and some devastating news. The message within the story shows how the family healed through the power of faith, love and that patchwork coat of many colors that made Dolly who she is today.

In line with that heart-warming story, Dolly now presents “Christmas of Many Colors; Circle of Love.”

The story and cast

As Dolly Parton continues her journey in sharing her life story, she presents another fantastic story entitled the “Christmas of Many Colors; Circle of Love” that is scheduled to air November 30th on NBS at 9 pm. During the premiere of her movie, Dolly, and the entire cast walked the red carpet at Dollywood on Tuesday, November 22nd in front of many cheering fans. Members of the cast include Alyvia Alyn Lind who plays the young Dolly Parton, Jennifer Nettles who plays Avie Lee Parton; Ricky Schroder plays Robert Lee Parton, and Hannah Nordberg plays Judy Ogle.

Dolly plays a role in this sequel as well.

In the sequel, Dolly is portrayed as working harder to pursue her love of music and the music career. A new character in this movie, Cameron Jones plays Uncle Billy who helps her climb to the top and be the star she wanted to be so badly. Nordberg plays her childhood best friend, Judy Ogle. Judy and Dolly are still best friends more than 60 years later.

Young Alyvia Alyn Lind speaks out

Lind does a fantastic job portraying the young Dolly Parton in both movies. At the red carpet, the young lady was quoted as saying "This is so much fun to be back (at Dollywood) and having the premiere here, it's just awesome." She spoke about both her roles and how they changed from the original movie to its sequel. Dolly Parton is part of the cast in the new film, playing the role of the Painted Lady, a prostitute in town that models her style of growing up in East Tennessee.

Lind was thrilled to do some scenes with Dolly, saying it was so much fun to work with her.

At the premiere in Dollywood, Parton got on stage and spoke to the audience, thanking everyone for being there and hoping that they will all love the movie. Not only the cast but all of their family members were present for the premiere. Guests traveled from various areas to be there, including Kentucky and Georgia. A reception followed the screening.

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