We all know that "Breaking Bad" has it's own spinoff, but that show is a prequel to the show. What about the events after "Breaking Bad?" Is it possible that "The Walking Dead" is an unknown connector? That's the latest fan theory passing around, despite "Fear the Walking Dead" being the prequel to the zombie TV show. This very crazy theory has been brought to you by Netflix, which currently has both shows on its streaming service. Just how could the two shows connect together and do you think that the theory holds any weight?

Blue Sky meth is the chemical that causes the zombies

Let's start with the connector that could explain the reason for all the zombies in "The Walking Dead." That Blue Sky meth that Walter White concocts just seems like it is going to be his way to make money, but what if there is a deeper storyline to it? The theory is that the meth causes a chemical issue within the body, turning normal humans into zombies. With just that one theory being brought to light, fans have taken to the shows to see just whether this is even possible.

Sure enough, there are Easter eggs hidden within the two shows that do link them together. Of course, this could just be the fact that the two shows are originally AMC shows. The producers for the shows could have got together to add in a few things, possibly even at the network's request. It's also possible that props are shared.

Daryl's stash of drugs does bear a strong resemblance to the meth from "Breaking Bad."

Do you think "The Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad" crossover holds any weight?

Another strong connection is the red Dodge Challenger, which has been seen in both TV shows. We never did get to see the driver of the car in "Breaking Bad," but Glenn owned it in "The Walking Dead." There is the strong possibility that Glenn was the driver in the former show.

Of course, it is possible that the red car is just a popular make and model.

But now why don't you take a look at the theory that Netflix has put out for fans. Do you think "Breaking Bad" is the precursor to "The Walking Dead?" Have we had the answers to who started the zombie apocalypse all this time? Stay tuned for more "The Walking Dead" season 7 on Sundays on AMC.

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