Marvel's latest moviestarring Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton has opened to rave reviews, and sets the stage for the Infinity War. But the two "Doctor Strange" post-credits scenes raise some very important questions. In one scene we see the God of Thunder, Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) swap tea with beer while having a conversation with Stephen Strange about Loki being loose in New York and looking for the All-Father Odin. In the next we see Strange's aide Mordo on a mission to rid earth of all sorcerers.

So what does the first 'Doctor Strange' and 'Thor' scene mean?

Well, it establishes the fact that Loki (who was last seen sitting on the throne of Asgard masquerading as his step-father) did not kill Odin, nor stuff him inside a closet or imprison him in the dungeons.

Our guess is, he banishedOdin to earth. Or did Odin escape Asgard himself to look for Thor? As per the "Thor 3" photos, he's wandering the streets of New York as a really shabby vagabond. Also, Thor's casual mention of his brother suggests that the two are on speaking terms and not plotting to kill each other (at least on the surface). Plus, Stephentells Thor to return to Asgard as soon as the 'family drama' is sorted out -- so how will Thor come back for the Infinity War?And finally, given that another Infinity Stone is revealed to be hiding on Earth, can it also mean that Loki is after it?

So is the "Doctor Strange" after credits a clip from "Thor 3" or a build up to it?

And the second 'Doctor Strange' post-credits scene hints at...

Mordo, who was disillusioned after learning the secret that the Ancient One has left the sanctum and is on a spree to eliminate all sorcerers. His first victim is Pangborn who had learned the mystic arts from the Ancient One tobe able to walk after a fatal accident and is the person who leads Stephenon his magical journey.Perhaps this means that Mordo will play the role of the antagonist like in the comics and return as a villain in the next movie.In case you're cribbing about the fact that the next "Doctor Strange" film is a long, long wait, you can always console yourself with the fact that you'll be seeing Benedict Cumberbatch soon, reprising his role as Sherlock in the hit BBC series.

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