Since the augmented reality game hit the Smartphone in July 2016 it became a very popular game, as it allows you to become a real-life Pokémon master. Although for a few months now the game has been in decline due to lack of news, Niantic has tried to make "Pokémon Go" again as popular as before, announcing new features like Pokémon companion and now releasing the rare and elusive Ditto, the first Rare in the game.

As we all know is that this Pokémon has a single but powerful ability, called "transformation," which allows you to copy the appearance and skills of anyone in combat, so it is very valuable.

In order to be able to catch it, according to numerous reports you have to capture Zubat, Pidgey, Ekans, Magikarp, Rattata and Dratini, since although some of these are common, do not despise them as they could become Ditto at the time of capture

There is also the question of exactly how one is to determine if one has caught one of the above mentioned pocket monsters, or if what they have caught is actually Ditto. Some have already caught it and used it in gyms and this is what happened. If the Ditto is defending, it will become the challenging Pokémon, if the Ditto is challenging it will become the defender with the same attacks and if it is Ditto against Ditto neither will be transformed and will only use a physical attack.

Ditto and candy

Having Ditto as a companion to get candy and make it stronger is also highly recommended. So try to catch Ditto as soon as possible as it will not always be available because it is part of the Thanksgiving event, which will conclude on the 30th of November. Hopefully, Niantic will continue to bring other new features to the game, such as fighting between friends, exchange of Pokémon, legendary or second generation.

While unrelated to the actual gameplay, users should always be mindful of their surroundings while they are playing the game outside. If players do not pay attention to where they are going, they run the risk of injury, or perhaps even death. However, below is a video of how to capture Ditto:

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