Voters who were stressed, sad and disappointed at the outcome of the USA elections seemed to take a lot of comfort from the "So Far" episode of "Queen Sugar" that aired on the evening of 9 November. The American drama television series overseen by executive series producer Oprah Winfrey premiered on 16 September and few knew back then that one day the straight-to-series drama based on the novel of the same name by Natalie Baszile would bring them comfort on the day the election results shocked so many Americans .

Comfort from Queen Sugar

Episode number 10 in season 1 saw Charlie searching for a new mill. During the time he came to realize that there is so much more the land than he thought originally. As TvFanatic said so very truthfully, you can always count on Queen Sugar to "be surprising, emotional, or make you see things from a different perspective." The importance of emotional needs being met by this type of entertainment is illustrated by the comments people posted on Twitter after their voting disappointment.

The needs being met at a distressing time was pointed out in another tweet.

Agent of B.I.N.G.E thanked Opera for the episode that touched a chord after a long 24 hours.

Trump fears of reversals and loss resonate with viewers

We know from the series that 'Queen Sugar" is particularly great at converting important social issues into personal issues that the viewer can relate to.

Reeling from the thought that the new Trump administration might mean a loss of rights, a return to the days of discrimination and a reversal of the fight for equality, many in America could relate to the story of the family who had once been slaves. The emancipated family had worked so hard to buy the land where they had once worked as slaves. When what has been described as "greedy bastards" attempted to steal back the land, this resonated with so many watchers.

'Queen Sugar - 'not always black and white'

As if taken from the day's election events, Niva said so poignantly, "Most people just work to feed themselves and their families, they're not trying to be political. Everything is not always so black and white." This could describe the results of a hard day for those who hoped for a better outcome than a Trump win, so it is hardly surprising that the disappointed voters went over to "Queen Sugar" and took some comfort there.

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