Along with "Dirk Gentley's," Viv Leacockcanbe seen in the film festival favorite “Dark Harvest” opposite Cheech Marin, the pilot episode of CW’s new hit “Frequency,” and Hallmark Channel’s “Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder with Love.” This January 2017 he is part of an ensemble cast in ABC’s important mini-series “When We Rise.” This Montreal born talent has been in over 90 film and television roles such as the hugely popular series “Supernatural” and “Arrow,” and films such as Eddie Murphy’s “I Spy,” and the comedy “Intern Academy.” Get to know this incredible actor.

Colleen Bement: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency" totally looks like a must see. What can you share about your role and about this cool project?

Viv Leacock: It IS a “must see”, such a cool show. It aired October 22nd on BBC America based off the Douglas Adams’ novels. Creator Max Landis has put together one of the smartest, funniest and extremely well-written projects I have ever had the good fortune to be a part of. The show follows Dirk Gently, a holistic detective, as he tries to figure out a series of crazy events all seemingly tied to one another.

He’s aided by his reluctant assistant, Todd, and together they fumble their way through this truly epic episodic. I play a fellow named “Gripps”, a member of the “Rowdy 3”. There are actually 4 of us – ‘Martin’, ‘Cross’, ‘Vogel’ and ‘Gripps’. We are vampires of a sort, not the bloodsucking variety but ones that feed off of your energy; and we are particularly attracted to Dirk Gently’s energy.

Loved his role in “Frequency”

CB: In CW's newseries “Frequency” you play a dirty cop with a guilty conscience. How fun was that role to play?

VL: Yes, Chester Lee is a dirty cop. Decisions are made above his pay grade and he reluctantly goes along with a horrible plan. It was so fun to play this character because we see him first in 1996 and then again, in 2016. Because of this, I got to be “aged” for this project.

They made me look 20 years older. It was so interesting to play such a complex and conflicted guy and getting to see an older version of myself was very cool. Everyone on set, the cast, and the crew are very close. It’s an amazing show to get on.

Leacock to hopefully come back to “Supernatural

CB:Tell us about your guest roles on "Supernatural." My Twitter followers want to know if there are a lot of shenanigans on the set.

VL: Speaking about a crew being very close, no set matches “Supernatural.” It is a family through and through. The stars, Jensen, Jared, Misha, and Mark are so giving, inviting and funny.

I worked a lot with Mark Sheppard and I played “Gerald”, his right-hand man. I can tell you there is footage of myself and Mark singing a song by Prince called “Sign of the Times,” in between takes. It is such a relaxed atmosphere. I’d love to pop up again. Mark says he has the perfect way to bring me back…I can’t wait.

CB: Sheesh you're busy! What can you share about your role in Hallmark Channel's “Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder with Love."

VL: I love being busy and I “genuinely” love doing what I do!I play Fincher Garland, a detective for Atlanta’s ADA office. I am Hailey’s (Kellie Martin) work husband: I’m the guy out there solving crimes with her and making sure she stays safe.

We had a lot of fun filming this one. It aired October 23rd on the Hallmark Channel.

He keeps himself grounded through his family

CB: I can just imagine how much you miss your family when traveling for work. How do you keep yourself "grounded?"

VL: Staying grounded is easy. My older brother, Richard is an actor as well and I became a huge fan of film and television early on because of him. Honestly, it’s why I enjoy being a part of this on any level. I am so lucky to have a wife (Divina) that has always been so supportive of me chasing this career. We do have three young children so the uncertainty of film life is a tough thing to navigate sometimes.

My family is my "rock" and everything I do has always been for them.

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