Some shows slip in little sight gags in scenes, sometimes of politicians that they don’t like. “Gamer of Thrones” displayed the decapitated head of former President George W, Bush on the walls of King’s Landing, for example, before having to digitally remove it after an outcry. Now, according to Konbini, some are suggesting that the zombie of none other than Donald J. Trump, president-elect of the United States, was seen in a recent scene in “The Walking Dead” crawling across a road, hand outstretched, growling for human flesh.


The zombie in question clearly has orange hair and the approximate body type of the future president. A source at the show claims that the resemblance is only a coincidence and no intent was meant to lampoon the Donald. The gentle reader is invited to consider whether or not to believe such denials.

A rival show to “The Waking Dead,” “Z Nation,” once depicted “Game of Thrones” author George R. R, Martin as a zombie, propped up behind a table at a book signing for a future volume of the fantasy series.

But that scene was done with the cooperation of Martin, a fan of the show.

Johnny Depp’s disembodied head, by the way, showed up in an unusually grisly scene of “The Walking Dead.”

One can but speculate about famous people surviving the zombie apocalypse. Is President Obama hold up at the undisclosed location, safe from the infestation? Is Sarah Palin leading a hardy band of well armed Alaskans up in the chilly north? Even Trump might have fortified the Trump Tower and even in the midst of a world gone mad is living bigly,

For the most part, though, the leaders of zombie apocalypse America are people who led ordinary lives before the dead rose from the grace and now are forced to take charge.

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People like Rick and King Ezekiel are making a real go of things, trying to keep their people alive. But the zombie apocalypse has created living monsters, more horrible than the walking, eating undead, as well, as the Governor and Negan are examples of, blighting the world of "The Walking Dead."