One of the more outlandish fan theories that exist is that “The Walking Dead” is really a sequel to “Breaking Bad.” The latter series, for those who do not remember, depicted the descent into evil of a nebbish science teacher named Walter White who, having been stricken with cancer, has decided to become a meth dealer to provide for his family after he was gone.

The idea is that Walter White particular brand of Blue Sky meth was the mechanism that turned the first humans into zombies. The zombies started to spread and soon civilization had collapsed, and the last living people are struggling to survive in a world gone mad.

Some fans have made connections between the two shows. For instance, Merle's stash of drugs has a more than passing resemblance to Blue Sky. Daryl also described the dealer who sold his brother Merle drugs seems to have more than a passing resemblance to Jesse from “Breaking Bad.” A red Dodge that shows up in “Breaking Bad” also shows up in “The Walking Dead.” Finally, the fan theory suggests that Gus Fring from “Breaking Bad” is patient zero for “The Walking Dead” having ingested the first batch of Walter’s zombie creating meth.

The fan theory is beguiling, to say the least. No zombie apocalypse show dating back to the original “Night of the Living Dead” ever described why the epidemic suddenly takes place.

Most of the time one is supposed to make the inference that something supernatural is involved. But, in “The Walking Dead.” It is heavily suggested during the episodes at the CDC that some kind of medical reason exists. Unfortunately, civilization collapsed too quickly for the scientists to figure all of that out.

On the other hand, the theory is a stretch, to say the least. No hint exists in either show that Blue Sky meth turned anyone into the walking dead, not to mention most of the human race. To connect the two, we would have to invent scenes out of whole cloth.

However, the idea is interesting enough that it bears arguing about by fans of both of the shows.

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