Alia Bhatt's most anticipated flick of the year "Dear Zindagi" which features Shah Rukh Khan in an extended cameo role was released on November 24, 2016.

The film marked the biggest opening of any Alia Bhatt movie till date, and as per latest updates, it has collected more than Rs 36 Crores at the box-office. On Sunday alone, the film earned nearly Rs 13 crores, and it is undoubtedly a milestone achievement for a movie which is centered around a young actress like Alia.

The film began its journey of Friday by collecting Rs 8.75 crores, and on Saturday, it took a leap and earned Rs 11.25 crores.

In India, the film was released in just 1200 screens, but still, the film has succeeded in drawing huge figures from the box-office.

The most interesting fact is that "Dear Zindagi" is fetching decent collections from the United Arab Emirates and North America too.

Shahrukh Khan gets 50 percent of the profits:

The movie has been made at a modest budget of Rs 33 crores, including print and publicity.

Reportedly King Khan did not take any remuneration for his role, but instead opted for a 50% profit share and the rest was split between Karan Johar and Gauri Shinde.

Check out the audience reaction:

One of the major highlights of "Dear Zindagi" is its women-centric subject. The film has its heart in the right place, and it will surely leave a mark in the hearts of the audiences.

Biggest hit of Alia Bhatt as solo

It was Alia Bhatt who scored the best in this film.

The young actress once again proved that she is a woman of immense mettle, and has the capability to do any kinds of characters with perfection.

In this film, she enacted the role of an aspiring cinematographer, and the actress has portrayed her emotional journey with finesse. Shahrukh Khan has played the role of a doctor, and it has crucial significance in determining the storyline.

Watch trailer:

Trade experts believe that this movie will easily collect more than Rs 100 Crores within the next two weeks, and thus it will emerge as the biggest hit in the career of the actress.

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