Each day we are closer to seeing the beginning of the new saga of "Dragon Ball Super," in which we will see a mysterious killer who is estimated to be Hit. The assassin Hit will target and kill Goku. After this, it was revealed to us that Vegeta will travel to the Sarad Planet of the Sixth Universe, which is Kyabe's home planet -- what will he do there?

Seventh Universe

Certainly, traveling to a planet in the Seventh Universe could be relatively straightforward for both Vegeta and Goku. Goku manages very well with the transportation, whereas Vegeta would resort to a spacecraft built by his own wife.


Unfortunately, the Sixth Universe is not a place to go teleporting or with a spaceship, but it is necessary -- a special device like the cube of the gods. After analyzing this, we ask the following question: how will Vegeta reach the Sixth Universe and arrive at the planet of the Saiyans? Two can move Vegeta to that place -- Bills and Champa.

Certainly, those who would move Vegeta would be his helpers, but under the orders of the same destroying gods. We estimate that to go to the Sixth Universe, the correct thing would be that the person who helps Vegeta to reach that place is Vados, since she is a member of it.

Although on the other hand, we thought that Wiss could take the dare, to take Vegeta with the cube without asking for permission, since previously both his sister and Champa took the dare to enter the Seventh Universe and steal the super spheres of the dragon. Because of the latter, we thought that Wiss could be the one in charge of taking Vegeta to that distant place, being once again a fundamental part in the plot of history of the series.

What can viewers expect in the upcoming episode?

We remind you that recently, it had been revealed -- a new synopsis of the episode 69 of "Dragon Ball Super," which will be an episode where we will see the fight of the android Arale against the Saiyajin Goku.


This episode will premiere on Saturday, December 3rd, so be sure to be on the lookout for it!