While there is some rivalry between "Dragon Ball" and "One Piece" or rather in some sectors of their fans, both are products of Toei Animation. They also share the same game developer that is Bandai. Today, they have announced a very interesting crossover between the two series. Actually, it is a crossover between two of the most interesting games of both franchises. It is the game "Dragon Ball Z" and "One Piece Extreme Butoden Grand Coliseum," both for the Nintendo 3DS platform worldwide. Surely, this patch will please most fans of both series and franchises that were waiting for the unification of both games.


They have not filtered or presented too many features of this crossover beyond the ability to play with characters from both franchises. Let's see the new video below.

The new video filtered

As you can see in this commercial, the patch of this new game is being released in Japan and will soon reach other countries. An interesting thing about the game ("Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden"), is the ability to play with many characters of the franchise. We can even enjoy seeing the members of the red patrol characters from movies and Ovas, among others.

The game, also includes some as playable characters, others as assistants who can help in fights to the death against our rivals. Of course, opponents also have support assistants and be as strong as ours with their special attacks. We also can see that the game features many characters from "Dragon Ball Super." It is not yet known whether the patch also added some new characters (Super Saiyan Vegetto Blue or merging Zamasu), but what we can note and say, is that this new game is so interesting and exciting.

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Additional information

Undoubtedly, this game of the franchise of "Dragon Ball," is addictive and interesting with the introduction of dozens of characters, some of them forgotten. According to Bandai, we have characters of "Dragon Ball GT," which many fans have always wanted to deal with in some way in "Dragon Ball Super," to see who would prevail more or who is stronger. The game gives us ability when facing fusions such as the Super Saiyan against the Super Saiyan Blue Phase 4. At the moment, we are attentive to the arrival of this interesting game.

If there is any further new information forthcoming rest assured that we will share with you.