Just a few days left until the premiere of the long awaited chapter 67 of the series "Dragon Ball Super," expectations grow in a surprising way, because in this episode we will see how the saga of Trunks of the future ends, after many events full of suspense, which have captivated all the fans of this series. After an epic finale with Trunks as the protagonist defeating Zamasu, the villain will make his last effort and try to take over the body of Goku, although someone will arrive surprisingly and stop him.


Who will destroy once and for all, all that remains of this evil villain? Recently, it was filtered -- the official synopsis of chapter number 67 of the series. In this synopsis, the last details about how the series will end will be revealed. Beforehand, we anticipate that this episode will be full of electrifying moments, with the return of Zeno (the King of all), and his role in the end of this saga. Let's see below.

Official synopsis of episode 67

According to the recent synopsis, after being totally destroyed by the attack of Trunks, Zamasu will mix with the air.

We estimate that this will happen, because his soul is immortal and although he does not have a physical body, he cannot die. After this, Zamasu decides to go in search of the body of Goku, because he no longer owns a physical body. Watching this, Vegeta and Trunks panic, like Goku, who remembers that the solution could be in his pocket. The charismatic Saiyan warrior presses the button that his friend Zeno gave during his visit to his world, making the most powerful and dangerous being of the Universe, appear on the scene.

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What technique will Zeno use to defeat Zamasu?

Zeno will use a sealing technique, because Zamasu is immortal, sealing the Kaioshin forever. He could use a technique similar to Bills (Hakai), completely destroying what remains of the villain. Simply, the essence of the villain will disappear. As we well know, the God of all universes has this ability and we do not doubt that he will put it into practice on this occasion.

From our point of view, the third theory is the most correct, although we also speculate that the God of all could come to use a technique similar to that used by Bills.

Next, we will show you the progress of chapter 67, with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapter.