Hi friends, fans of "Dragon Ball Super." This time I bring to you a curiosity that has been impregnated in the minds of all of us. If you were one of the fortunate people to see episode 63 of "Dragon Ball Super", you have also thought much about what the Kaio-Shin of the universe 7 said about Whis-Sama, the master and personal assistant of the god of destruction. This answer comes directly from our great question about the origin of Wiss, and what his labors are in universe 7, besides being in the care of the destroying god Bills-Sama. Without further ado, let's begin.


The work of Whis as assistants

In the final episodes of the destroyer gods tournament, he and his sister Vados, who is also the teacher and assistant of the god of destruction Champa who belongs to Universe 6, reported to the king of the gods Zeno-Sama the labor faults as gods of destruction committed by his pupils. They said that Champa was very careless with his training and that Beerus was very gluttonous and he was not destroying enough planets. And that's the reason why we can deduce that not only are these siblings are assistants and teachers, they are also supervisors responsible for enforcing the laws imposed by Zeno-sama.

The origin of Whis and Vados.

If we remember in previous episodes of the series, when they questioned Whis-Sama about his person he replied that the is simply a form of life which has been named with the pseudonym of Whis, and that he is the personal assistant of the god of destruction Bills-sama. So, we can deduce that his sister Vados is also applicable to this existential definition. On the other hand, if we analyze what is said by the supreme Kaio-shin of Universe 7 (that he is an angel), we can deduce that Beerus-Sama, Vados and all the assistants of the destroyer gods are beings created by Zeno-sama.


This would explain why these characters call themselves "beings or forms of life" and the reason for the accusations to their students.

Check out the video of Whis Power according to Akira Toriyama in "Dragon Ball Super" below.