The saga of Zamasu in the timeline of the Trunks' future is about to end, as we saw in the last episode of the series, following Trunks' deadly attack, by separating the double fusion body of the Kaioshin God. Undoubtedly, this confrontation has generated a number of critics in the fans. But outside of the way in which the antagonist of the present plot arc has been defeated, the technique used by the warrior of the future in Chapter 66, is the one that has caused more than one topic of discussion in social networks. There have been many fans and non-fans of the series who have said in social networks that the technique used by Trunks to defeat the villain, is the same used by Goku in "Dragon Ball Z," better known in this Anime as Genkidama.

However, recently, a Japanese source has denied those rumors, saying otherwise. Let's see below.

Did Trunks really use the Genkidama technique against Zamasu?

The technique used by Trunks in the future has been closely related to the Genkidama learned by Gokú in his training with Kaiosama, since in both situations the meeting of the vital energy of living beings is realized to concentrate it and to use it for its own end, as did Gokú in the fight with Vegeta and later with Majin Boo. In this particular situation, the reason for the vital energy is given by the wrath of Trunks, seeing as his hopes of saving his world vanish, but unlike the technique of Goku, the meeting of this energy is involuntary, by the people, being given directly to Trunks, but not to the technique itself, in order for that he gets sufficient power to finish off the fused God.

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According to the Japanese source who has clarified this issue, these are the reasons why it is not the great Genkidama taught by the Kaio of the north to Goku, but only of a technique brought on by anger, frustration, and of course, by the own power of the son of Vegeta.

Why could Trunks make this powerful technique?

First, by his state of semi-God to be in a Super Saiyajin phase 2, with a blue aura around, with which he was able to maintain, and later for having realized the Mafuba, it seems that some techniques that in another instance would take years of training to learn, the young warrior captures them and makes them his own in record time. So, we could assure that the abilities of Saiyajin hybrids are really impressive. Next, we will show you the progress of chapter 67, with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapter.