The chapter number 71

In the chapter number 71 of the series "Dragon Ball Super," which has the premiere on December 17th, it leaves many interesting events for the possible death of the Saiyan at the hands of the assassin in series. The assassin goes by the name of Hit. The one who travels to and from all 12 universes in search of the Saiyan Goku (who is training with Kaoisama, after which he could re-live it by means of the invocation to Shenlong).

Everything seems to indicate that the god of the destruction of the universe 6 was the one who sent the assassin Hit to unload his ire and energies toward Goku since this one remained very annoyed after the universal tournament of martial arts, and also of the tournament of baseball.


It stopped without possibilities, gaining no tilt to the god Champa leaving his repudiation with his own brother Beerus-Sama and his equipment shaped by Goku, Vegeta, and Yamcha.

Hit searches for the family of Goku

The assassin Hit passes for a good Samaritan, and gets by without revealing that he is searching for the family of Goku. This, of course, is a trap, as no one suspects the assassin or the plans he is attempting to carry out.

Whereas Vegeta asks him about his arrival to the universe 7, since this one did not need to be in the universe of the god of destruction, Beerus-Sama.

He decides to continue interrogating the villain Hit who answers him that his arrival is because his god, called Sod, threatened to murder him, and that for this reason, Hit had escaped looking for help.

Vegeta discovers his plan

Something that seems to be suspicious still for Vegeta is that Hit asks where Goku is, and that alone raises a number of red flags and raises the suspicion level. Vegeta continues thinking that Hit is planning something. It also brings into question where the god Champa may fit in to all of this.

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Also, this leaves the question open as to whether or not the assassin Hit may somehow find a way to be successful in his plan, and ultimately kill Goku.