The opinion is already a kind of tradition, which at the end of each arc, all Gohan fans meet and with great hope, they wish for the return of their beloved warrior (Gohan) in the upcoming saga of "Dragon Ball Super." Now, many have always said that Gohan has never liked fighting, that it has never been his style, that he simply wanted to be happy and live in peace. This is partly true, however, when you have to fight (for the future of the earth), you have to fight." It is a simple logic in life and if we pay attention, we have been receiving little clues to Gohan's resurgence. Next, we are going to share with all of you, interesting information about the mystical Saiyan.


Will Gohan be part of the new arc?

In several occasions the name of Gohan has sounded in social networks. There are those who doubt his return to the battle, however, at the end of the saga of Freezer's return, where the warrior realized, that he must train to be stronger, not to fight, but to protect his loved ones. We also saw him training with Piccolo just before the tournament. Later, and to the dismay of his fans, he was not able to participate in the multi-universe tournament because of work, but at least he showed interest in doing so.

If we move to the last saga, in one of the chapters, we noticed that he was very affected and angry, by the fact that nobody told him what was happening with Trunks and his future. Finally, at the end of this saga, everyone noticed as the mystical Saiyan, came shaken and sweaty.

Gohan, the protector we met in 'Dragon Ball Z'

After clarifying that part, we saw Gohan with a hairstyle and a much more similar look, to the warrior we saw in "Dragon Ball Z," compared to the one we were shown throughout this series.

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Now, if these actions are true, realizing that he needs to be strong enough to protect his family, train with Piccolo, get angry for not being able to help his friend Trunks, and appear with a similar look to the mystical state, we must be close to the great return of this almost forgotten character.