"Dragon Ball Super" has concluded with what will surely be considered the best saga of the series at the moment. The appearance of Vegetto was crucial in defeating Zamasu, but it was Trunks that gave the final blow to the villain. Does this mean that the future is now at peace or will Trunks' actions have consequences in the end?

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At a certain moment in front of the whole world, the omniscient king Zeno appears in person and is not seen with the innocent smile he usually has.


In the same way, we see how the Kaioshin, Vegeta and all others look at the sky with certain panic and expectant looks, but who is this Zeno-Sama? The one in our timeline of the present or the one in the future? If it turns out to be the future it would be logical that he would not be happy with the events since all his gods have disappeared and in that future the universes are imbalanced.


That also means that he would not know Goku either, and therefore would not have the affection that the Zeno of the present has for him.

However, seeing the Zeno of the future would bring certain answers. For example: Why did he do nothing when Black destroyed their gods? We still really doubt that this version appears because in the synopsis filtered from episode 67 we are told Goku finds something in his pocket when Zamasu puts them in a critical situation again. What is found is obviously the button that Zeno-Sama from our timeline gave him and the one we see in the further advances is the same one. Whether or not there will be consequences from the time travel that all the characters have been doing has not yet been seen.

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Having the most powerful character of all appear is an easy way to end a saga as intriguing and fascinating as as this one. What do you think about about the characters on the show? Is the character that appeared the same one that Goku knows? If you liked this article do not forget to follow me here and on my social networks.

Zeno reveals his power in "Dragon Ball Super."