There is no doubt that the Trunks Saga, introduced us to two of the most iconic and fearsome villains we have seen throughout "Dragon Ball." However, these evil villains, like their predecessors, they made some mistakes that took them away from their victory. Next, we will review some to see where they failed, and also an explanation, in which we tell you some of the reasons, why the saga did not go a little further. Lets see our list of their major mistakes in the series.


Black Goku's biggest mistake, reasons why he failed

  • Not wanting a stronger body. As well known, the super Dragon Balls have no limits on his desire, so if Black, instead of wishing for Goku's body had wanted something more, as being the most powerful of all universes, defeating him would have become virtually impossible.
  • The unwanted extinction of all humans. Another wish that he could have done, was to have wished for the disappearance of all mortals in the 12 universes, so he would have had his ideal world without too much effort, although, we know that the villain wanted to do it with his own hands.
  • Do not kill Trunks. As we saw at the beginning of the saga, Black has been always ahead of the warrior of the future, if he wanted he could have killed him at any time, instead he decided to torture him for a whole year, making Trunks feel all that pain and shame for being too weak to protect his world, even if he had done so, he would never have traveled to seek the help of his father and Goku.
  • Do not wear the ring of time. Once the villains are merged, Black never uses the time ring to escape and go to another time, or go to the past to eliminate their enemies when they were all weaker, thus he would have killed his enemies and have their plan taken into action.
  • Having merged, it might sound strange, but Black himself was already more powerful than any of our heroes, and he was only going to continue increasing his power, while on the other side, Zamasu was immortal.

Additional information

The biggest mistake that this villain committed, was not to ask for immortality as did the other Zamasu, even though they were both the same person. Black developed his own power-hungry personality, wanting to kill humans using a human body, such arrogance and hypocrisy was his biggest mistake.