"Days Of Our Lives" has a lot of comings and goings lately. Salem residents have been busy just trying to keep up. Imagine their surprise when Hope lets her family and friends know that she has run into Hattie Adams behind bars!

Hattie returns to "DOOL."

Hattie hasn't been around for a long time. She was last seen in 2000 - 2001 when played by Marlena's (Deidre Hall) real-life identical twin sister Andrea Hall-Gengler. Hattie was a character that closely resembled Marlena. Wilholm Rolf helped her come to the decision to undergo plastic surgery so that she would look even more like Marlene. Stefano, being ever the opportunist, was planning to use Hattie in a plot against Marlena.

He never got around to it and eventually Hattie left Salem.

You don't remember Wilholm Rolf? He was played by William Utay for six years beginning in 1997 and then returned for about a year in 2007. As far as bad guys go, he has quite the background. Along with being one of the thugs, he is also a plastic surgeon, doctor, dentist, etc. A regular jack of all trades! But back to Hattie.

Hope is getting settled in on her 25-year prison sentence with no possibility of parole. Her only hope is that her family and friends can find a loophole to get her out of doing time. As she looks around, it is slim pickings for friends but alas - she finds an unlikely ally! Hattie turns out to be on Hope's side at the end of the day.

Who plays Hattie this time?

With the return of Hattie, Deidre Hall will be working double time. She will be playing the role this time instead of her twin sister. The only other time she has taken on the dual role on "Days of Our Lives" is right after Hattie's final plastic surgery to become Marlena's mirror image.

The new story line is sure to be interesting. We know that "Days Of Our Lives" will be casting a female named CoCo as well as Officer Ortiz. CoCo will be played by Lauren Letherer. Could she be another one behind bars with Hope and Hattie? Officer Ortiz will be played by Marilyn Camacho in the recurring role.

Is she one of the guards at the prison?

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