"Days Of Our Lives" left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions before taking a long weekend for Thanksgiving. Abigail was moving in the direction of Chad, and Adrienne had just listened to both of the men vying for her affections.

Adrienne makes a decision

Adrienne will make her decision this week, but not before ending up in the hospital. It is up to Kayla to find out why she fainted. With her health problems, the decision between Justin or Lucas is put off until Wednesday, The tension rises between the two suitors and Sonny has to step between them.

Abigail is discovered by JJ. He decides to visit the attic and is surprised to find her hiding out.

Time for one of Salem's finest to get some answers from his big sister on her plans for the future!

JJ gets another chance with Gabi

Gabi and JJ reach the decision to try again. As they work on their relationship JJ becomes jealous of Chad looking in Gabi's direction. The jealousy will soon be going both ways when the identity of JJ's Miami fling is unveiled.

Hope is trying to adjust to prison. She finds an ally to help her make it through as her allies on the outside work on her release. Shawn and Rafe work together to go over the details around Stefano's death and make a few strange discoveries. Rafe turns to Steve to ask for a favor for Hope.

Jennifer realizes that Laura knew about Abigail.

She is furious and turns on her. Elsewhere in Salem, Chad learns what a Horton Thanksgiving is all about and Ed gives thanks for Kate!

Brady's support system tries to help

Marlena reaches out to try to help Brady. He needs help but we all know how bad he is at accepting it. Eventually he and Phillip get into a confrontation.

Victor and Maggie are on the list of those worried about Brady. Can anyone manage to get through to him?

"Days of Our Lives" needs a new love triangle and we are getting one. Theo will be the guy in between Ciara and Claire. This will take some of his focus off of Valerie, who he doesn't trust, as she and Abe get closer.

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