"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers hint towards a couple of twists the storyline has ahead, and the Friday spoilers tease that Nicole who recently got in touch with Chloe about her baby will be called by Chloe who will ask her to come back to Chicago.

Chloe is in a dilemma as according to Chloe this baby is fathered by Daniel as she continued to get the embryo implanted in her body without letting Nicole know of it even after Daniel died and the baby is actually Nicole and Daniel’s. The pregnancy test came negative but it wasn’t true, and doctors were wrong.

Chloe believes that Deimos can be a serious threat to the baby and doesn’t want him anywhere near, but she is also concerned about Deimos who is not the father of the baby but could be stepfather to the child some day. She also doesn’t want to keep away from her.

Ciara will question Hope about the murder

Ciara will ask Hope as she doesn’t believe that Hope can kill someone in cold blood. Hope is guilty of the crime, and she will try to make Ciara understand her mindset on the day she committed the crime.

Club TBD serve as a front for shady activities of Eduardo, Deimos and Dario.

Eduardo and Dario will dig out the details of the business deal, and Eduardo will remain vague about not so legal proposal of help in the new venture by Deimos.

Eduard, Deimos and Dario will need to move very carefully as if anything goes wrong they will be in serious trouble due to their shady activities.

Shane and Kim try to save Theresa

Mateo situation will put Theresa on edge as it has become more than she could take. Shane and Kim will reach out to Theresa and try to convince her the running away with Tate and Bardy is the final solution, but Theresa won’t accept this and think about some other way to get out of the mess as she doesn’t want to live life on a run.

She, however, remains worried about Mateo who would kill Tate and Brady if she turns him down.

Theresa will plan a risky scheme Tom get away with Mateo with the hope of Shane helping her to execute the plan.Audience stays tuned to "DOOL" to find out if Chloe will come clean and if Theresa’s plan will work to get rid of Mateo.

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