"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Jade (Paige Searcy) has big news for Joey Johnson (James Lastovic). It turns out that Jade is pregnant. What are they going to do and how will Joey's parents, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) handle this?

Joey and Jade on 'Days Of Our Lives'

When the teenagers first met on "DOOL," fans did not get a good impression of Jade. She seemed to be a party girl and a risk-taker. She was not the "good girl" that viewers felt was good for Joey Johnson. Her reputation got even worse when she convinced her boyfriend to run away with her to California.

While there, they ended up in a creepy commune, which led to gunfire. As fans recall, Steve and Kayla's son ended up getting shot.

Jade isn't as bad as Kayla thinks

Even though Paige Searcy's character on "Days Of Our Lives" is not seen very often, she has improved. She isn't interested in college, but does seem to have a good heart. Confused and angry kids sometimes act out in strange ways. That seemed to be the case with Jade. There is a softness to her now as well as some vulnerabilities that make her a "work in progress."

'DOOL' spoilers from Ken Corday teased Jade's pregnancy

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, executive producer Ken Corday teased that Jade might be expecting. He said that Joey is thrown by his girlfriend's news.

He added that the couple is "so young" and pondered the question of what they are going to do.

Mary Beth Evans talks about the baby situation

CBS Soaps In Depth had a special "Days Of Our Lives" bonus section. Inside, Mary Beth Evans confirmed that Joey and Jade will become parents. The soap opera actress revealed that Kayla is not going to like the news, especially since Jade is so manipulative.

However, they will have to deal with the situation as a family.

Will Joey and Jade grow up?

Even though they are young and Jade has some issues, there is no reason why they can't be good parents. Jade's pregnancy will force the two to grow up quickly. The timing may not be the best, especially since Joey just told his father that he was too young to be tied down.

However, he is like Steve and will probably do the honorable thing and take care of his family.

What do you think of this "Days Of Our Lives" storyline? Are you surprised to find out that Jade is pregnant? How will the couple deal with things now that they have to grow up quickly?

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