Days Of Our Lives” spoilers detail that Theresa Donovan's departure from Salem is coming up quite soon and Jen Lilley's last day in the role has now been revealed. Viewers can see that the groundwork is being laid for something big to go down and now the countdown can officially begin. When will Jen last appear as Theresa Donovan?

When is Lilley's last day on 'DOOL'?

SheKnows Soaps reveals that Jen Lilley's last air date on “Days of Our Lives” will be Friday, November 18. About a month ago, the “DOOL” actress had indicated via a tweet that she would still be airing through November, teasing that there was a lot more “Thrady” ahead.

While she'll depart just after mid-November, it does sound as if there's a lot of drama on the way leading up to Theresa's departure.

What about Brady and Tate? There have been a lot of rumors and theories swirling regarding how and why Theresa will leave Salem, and now it's looking like it'll be related to this mysterious Marco who is lurking around town and pressuring Theresa to reunite and run away with him. She's leaning on her dad Shane for help, but she also swallowed her pride and reached out to Victor for help as well.

How will Theresa leave Salem?

Will Theresa die by Marco's hand after refusing to leave with him? “Days of Our Lives” spoilers have hinted that Jen Lilley's exit will be written in a way that leaves the door open for a return, and a previous social media post by the actress got fans buzzing that she might already be headed back to the show. The series tapes about six months ahead of the air dates, so sometimes cast members leave and come back before anything has even played out on-screen.

It's looking likely that Theresa will leave Salem on her own in hopes that Marco will leave Brady and Tate alone, and answers will be revealed for certain during the November 18 show. Do you think that Jen Lilley will return to the role down the road or are Brady and Tate entirely on their own after this?

Stay tuned for additional “Days of Our Lives” spoilers as this storyline moves ahead to see how Theresa Donovan's time in Salem will end.

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