"Days Of Our Lives" fans watched this week as Joey and his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jade, have some serious life issues to deal with. Jade told Joey that she believes she's pregnant, and he's not happy about the news. The teens have been through a lot together, including living in a cult, and dealing with issues with their unsupportive parents. However, this could prove to be the biggest test of their young lives.

Jade and Joey's lives will never be the same

While Jade tells Joey that she doesn't know for sure if she's pregnant, the two will soon get the answer they've been waiting for. According to TV Overmind, Jade and Joey will have a lot of planning to do before they find out for sure if she's pregnant or not. Hopefully, the two are wrong in their assumptions, and they're not expecting a child together. However, "Days of Our Lives" hasn't done a teen pregnancy storyline in a while, so odds aren't in their favor.

As many fans will remember, Will Horton and Gabi Hernandez welcomed their daughter, Arianna, at a young age, and Will's parents, Sami Brady and Lucas Horton, had him when they were young teenagers.

How will their parents react?

If Jade is pregnant, then Steve and Kayla will very likely be there to help their son during this difficult and life changing situation. However, Jade's parents may not be as supportive.

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Jade's father has already proven to be hard-headed, and a seemingly violent man, who may want to have some harsh words with Joey upon finding out he's gotten his daughter pregnant. Meanwhile, "Days of Our Lives" fans may see Jade get kicked out of her house again if the baby bombshell drops, and that could mean big problems for the pair. Will Steve and Kayla allow Jade to move in with them? Or perhaps the soap will go in the opposite direction and see Jade and Joey make the difficult decision to possibly terminate the pregnancy. Only time will tell what's in store for these scared teenagers.

What's next for the teens?

What do you think about Jade possibly being pregnant with Joey's baby on "Days of Our Lives"? Do you think the couple will keep the baby if she's pregnant? Will they stay together?

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