"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for this week reveal that Hope Brady will finally be sentenced in the murder of Stefano DiMera. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Stefano's only living children, Andre and Chad DiMera, will be asked to speak during the sentencing about the loss of their father and about how Hope's actions forever changed their lives. While Chad will be the most respectful and sympathetic of the two, Andre is sure to blast Hope for killing his father in cold blood, despite all of the torture Stefano put her and her family through in the past. Upon hearing Chad and Andre's statements, the judge, who is obviously on the DiMera payroll, will sentence Hope and everyone will be shocked by her ruling.

Hope Brady gets a devastating prison sentence

The judge will reportedly sentence Hope to 25 years in prison without parole. This means that Hope would be an old woman by the time she would be allowed release from her cell. The only silver lining behind Hope's shocking sentence on "Days of Our Lives" is that she will not receive the death penalty. As many fans will remember, the death penalty was an option that Hope's friends and family were terrified of. While the judge said the death penalty would stay on the table, it looks like she won't enforce it, at least not for now.

What's next for Hope?

Hope's 25-year prison sentence will be devastating for her and her family. Not only will her children Shawn and Ciara will be angry but also her boyfriend Rafe Hernandez will be outraged by the decision of the judge.

Rafe will likely vow to appeal the judgement and try to get Hope out of prison as soon as he can. However, there is nothing he can do to stop the fact that she'll be carted off, and prison is not a kind place for police officers. Other spoilers for Hope's upcoming storyline reveal that fans will get to see her life in prison, and it will be a bit reminiscent of the Netflix series "Orange Is The New Black," as the women behind bars will most likely target Hope for being a rich police officer.

It looks like a lot of drama will come on "Days of Our Lives."

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